Evaluation and Examination System:-

“Term Assessment basis with gradual increase in the learning assessment would prepare the students to cover the whole syllabus of the Academic Year and help students to face the challenge of Class X, XI and XII Examination and also ensure 'Quality Education' ''.
Std.III onwards, the Academic Session will consist of Two Terms, at the end of which Half Yearly and Annual Examination will be held. The Total of both the Terns, i.e. Term-1 and Term-2 will be of 100 marks each for all the Subjects and shall include 20 marks for internal Assessment ( Periodic Assessments ,Multiple Assesments, Subject Enrichment activities and Portfolio/Notebook Keeping). While the remaining 80 marks will be for the performance in the Pen and Paper Half Yearly as well as in the Annual Examination. Students shall also be assessed through Quarterly as well as through Pre-Annual Exams, the total of which would be 40 marks.

Evaluation and Examination System for Class XI and XII
For classes XI and XII, a number of class test are taken to check the students progress.
Two Unit test, one in each term is conducted with Half-yearly and Final Examinations.
Practical classes and examinations shall be conducted in each term, which will comprise of the internal marks.
Regular practicals shall be conducted to make the students perfect in the subjects.
1. Entire syllabus will be considered for class XI and XII.


  • Annual Exam will cover significant topics of Term-I along with the entire syllabus of Term-II.
  • It is mandatory for the students to appear for all the examinations as per the given schedule. In case a student represent the school for any Interschool/State Levels /National Level Competitions, he/she will appear for a separate exam on a freshly allotted date.

Date Sheet for Examination: Click here to see!