GroupActivityMaterial required
Jr.KG & Sr.KG.Card Making Competition1/4 Size Chart paper, Decorative material, gum


  1. Participation of the whole class is compulsory.
  2. (i) Class Teacher will select best five and hand it over to the judge.
    (ii) The Card should have the child's Full name with Father's initial, Std., Div., and House written on it (or sticker).
    (iii) Venue: Respective Classroom.

Judging criteria:

  1. Neatness
  2. Material used
  3. Presentation
  4. Wordings

Total marks 20

Card Making Competition 05/10/17 (List of Winners)

Name of
NeatnessMaterial usedPresentationWordingsTotal Marks
1Krisha Vasiya334313
2Parv Joshi333211
Consolation-1Prish Shah32229
1Jenisha Chaplot334414
2Avni Tulsyan333312
Consolation-1Devang Gajjar322310