GroupActivityMaterial required
Nur. to Sr. KGCotton-bud PaintingCotton buds


  1. Participation of the whole class is compulsory.
  2. Class Teacher will select best three and hand it over to the judge.
  3. The paper should have the child's Full name with Father's initial, Std., and Div. written on it.
  4. Venue: Respective Classroom.
  5. CCA activity to be held in the CCA periods.

Judging criteria:

  1. Neatness
  2. Colour Concept
  3. Finishing
  4. Time duration

Total marks 20

Cotton-bud Painting Competition 26/07/19 (List of Winners)

Name of
ClassNeatnessColour ConceptFinishingTime durationTotal Marks
1Aashiya KhatriNursery443516
2Harmi NaikJr. KG.443415
3Aayush LolSr. KG.433414
ConsolationAaliya KhatriNursery433313
ConsolationJash AhirSr. KG.433313