GroupActivityMaterial required
Std-I and II (Group-I)
Std-III to V (Group-II)
Std- VI to VIII (Group-III)
Inter House Patriotic Song Competition-----

Note for story Telling Competition :

  1. Class Teacher will select the best students as per the Class wise Ratio given below and give the names to the CCA Incharge by Friday 09/08/19 (before Lunch).
    Class-I [Out of 23-4]
    Class-II [Out of 18-3]
    Class-III [Out of 17-3]
    Class-IV [Out of 10-2]
    Class-V [Out of 17-3]
    Class-VI [Out of 19-3]
    Class-VII [Out of 27-4]
    Class-VIII [Out of 12-2]
  2. Only Patriotic songs with some message will be allowed.
  3. Time Duration of the Song Should not be more than 2 minutes (one verse and chorus). Marks will be deducted if the time exceeds.
  4. It shall be held in the CCA periods.
  5. Venue: OTS. (Foyer Area in case it is raining at that time)

Judging criteria :

  1. Intonation
  2. Confidence
  3. Song Selection
  4. Presentation
  5. Articulation (Actions)

Total marks 25

Inter-House Patriotic Song Competition 10/08/19 (List of Winners)

Name of
Class & Div.House
IntonationConfidenceSong SelectionPresentationArticulation (Actions)Total Marks
1Kardam VashiI-AG4443318
2Rajveer PatelI-AA4343317
3Mansi RakholiyaII-AG3343316
ConsolationHetanshi RakholiyaI-AF4323315
1Aamna ShaikhV-AF4344217
2Vaishnavi SindhaIII-AA4333316
3Mahek AhirIII-AG3332314
ConsolationRachit ShahIII-AF3223313
1Sahil SoniVI-AG3344216
2Aradhya PandeyVII-AP4233315
3Kinjal AhirVII-AG3322313
ConsolationNehi KathiriyaVII-AA3222312