Group-I to IIIActivityMaterial required
Std-I onwardsSolo Patriotic Song Competition-----


  1. Participation of the whole class is compulsory.
  2. (i) Class Teacher will select best three students' name and hand over to the judges.
    (ii) Name should be submitted to the judges latest by Thursday with the song.
  3. CCA activity to be held in the CCA period.

Judging criteria:

  1. Voice Quality
  2. Song Selection
  3. Melody and Rhythm
  4. Confidence
  5. Time Duration

Total marks 25

Solo Patriotic Song Competition 11/08/18 (List of Winners)

Name of
Class & Div.House
Voice QualitySong SelectionMelody and RhythmConfidenceTime DurationTotal Marks
1Veer kathiriyaIII-AA5554423
2Mansi RakholiyaI-AG4444420
3Jiya PatelIII-AA4433317
ConsolationVaishnavi SindhaII-AA3333315
1Sahil SoniV-AG5444522
2Shreya ChewleV-AA4444420
3Nehi KathiriyaVI-AA4533318
ConsolationKrishna AhirVI-AA3333315
1Krish ChaplotV-AG4555524
2Kashish SannchetiVIII-AG5455524
3Rishika ShahVIII-AP4443318
ConsolationNiti NaikVIII-AG4344318
ConsolationRadhika PatilVIII-AF3334316