Group-I to IIIActivity
Std-I to VIIISolo Singing


  1. Folk songs, Bhajan, Patriotic song, Garba and Preyer are only to be sung in the competition.
  2. Patriotic song from the movies are allowed.
  3. Name should be submitted to the class teacher latest by Thursday with the song.
  4. CCA activity to be held in the CCA period.

Judging criteria:

  1. Voice quality
  2. Song selection
  3. Melody and Rhythm
  4. Over all
  5. Time duration

Total marks 20

Solo Song Singing Competition 12/08/17 (List of Winners)

Name of the studentClassHouse NameVoice qualitySong selectionMelody and RhythmOver allTotal Marks
1Dev ShahIIG343414
2Bhavya DesaiIA334313
3Mohammad EvaraIIp333312
1Nehi KathiriyaVA455418
2Aamena ShaikhIIIF554317
3Manshi YadavVG444416
1Surendra JatVIIIA555520
2NIti NaikVIIG455418
3Anshul JaroliVIIP355417