GroupActivityMaterial required
Std-I OnwardsSolo Song Competition----


  1. Participation of the whole class is compulsory.
  2. Folk songs, Devotional songs, Prayer songs and Film songs with a message are only to be sung in the Competition. (Patriotic songs will not be included as there is a separate Inter-House Patriotic Competition on 10th August 2019. )
  3. Class Teacher should shortlist five students by Thursday 20th June 2019.
  4. Time duration of the song shall be 2 minutes. Marks shall be deducted if the song is more than 2 minutes.
  5. The students will have to sing Chorus-Verse-Chorus of the song.
  6. CCA activity to be held in the CCA period.

Judging criteria:

  1. Voice Quality
  2. Song Selection
  3. Melody and Rhythm
  4. Confidence
  5. Time duration

Total marks 25

Solo Song Competition 22/06/19 (List of Winners)

Name of
Voice QualitySong SelectionMelody and RhythmConfidenceTime durationTotal Marks
1Peehu NaikII-AG4334317
2Jenisha ChaplotII-AG3334316
3Kardam VashiI-AG3333315
1Mahek AhirIII-AG4444319
2Vaishnavi SindhaIII-AA4433317
3Ansh ShahIII-AP3334316
ConsolationAamna ShaikhV-AF3333315
1Krish ChaplotVIII-AG4443318
2Sahil SoniVI-AG4333316
3Kinjal AhirVII-AG3333315
ConsolationAradhya PandeyVII-AP3323314
ConsolationMegha KukadiyaVIII-AG3323314