Story Telling, Extempore and Inter-house Debate Competition for Group-I, II and III 2019-2020

GroupActivityMaterial required
Std-I and II (Group-I)Story Telling CompetitionBring Props
Std-III to V (Group-II)Extempore-----
Std- VI to VIII (Group-III)Inter-house Debate Competition-----

Note for story Telling and Extempore Competition :

  1. Participation of the whole class is compulsory.
  2. (i) Class Teacher will select best four student's name on Friday and hand it over to the CCA Incharge.
  3. Venue: OTS of the school
  4. CCA activity to be held in the CCA period.

Format for Inter-house Debate Cometition :

1. First PROPOSITION speaker
a. states the topic
b. states several arguments with reasoning and evidence in the form of statistics or data to support the argument(A-R-E)
2. First OPPOSITION speaker
a. rebuts 1st proposition's points
b. states his/her own points using A-R-E, argument, reasoning, evidence.
3. Second PROPOSITION speaker
a.rebuts 1st opposition's points
b. bring up new points using A-R-E style
4. Second OPPOSITION speaker
a. rebuts 2nd proposition's points
b. rebuts any points not rebutted by 1st opposlition
c. states new points using A-R-E
6. PROPOSITION rebuttal speaker
As the final speaker in the debate, proposition rebuttal speaker must summarize and weigh the debate, and to demonstrate why the proposition side has prevailed. No new evidence or arguments can be brought up. This is summary only.
5. OPPOSITION rebuttal speaker
Rebuttal speaker's duty is to summarize and weigh the debate, to tell why proposition has failed to carry the motion, and why opposition should win. No new evidence or arguments can be brought up. This is summary only.

Debate Topics :

  1. Is it okay to punish kids at home or in the Schools ?
  2. Should online food services like Swiggy or zomato be banned ?
  3. Should children be encouraged to study in Boarding Schools ?

Judging criteria for Story Telling Competition :

  1. Presentation
  2. Intonation
  3. Selection of story
  4. Confidence

Total marks 20

Story Telling Competition 27/07/19 (List of Winners)

 Name of
Class & Div.House
PresentationIntonationSelection of storyConfidenceTotal Marks
1Kardam VashiI-AG554317
2Manshi RakholiyaII-AG544316
3Yaksh BamatiyaI-AF434414
ConsolationRimmi PatelI-AP433313
ConsolationParv JoshiI-AA433313

Extempore Competition 27/07/19 (List of Winners)

 Name of
Class & Div.House
ConfidenceContentFluencyTime ManagementGestureTotal Marks
1Rachit ShahIII-AF4332214
2Dhwani PatelV-AP3322213
3Maitri NaliyadharaV-AA3231211
3Ansh ShahIII-AP3222211
ConsolationHarsh GondaliyaV-AF3221210